20°32'50.4"S 67°22'57.6"W (2020) Three Screen Projection, Stereo Sound,9.00 mins.

As the global demand for Lithium soars, not for its medicinal use but for its use in batteries, the landscape of the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia represents the global shift away from fossil fuels towards new sources of cleaner energy. The uses are far ranging and commonplace in our increasing or complete dependence on digital hardware and the next major shift in transport, the electric car.

The work observes the ancient Salt Flats, an area with the largest reserves of Lithium in the world and its recent industrialisation by the Bolivian Government. Part stardust, part primordial dust and part earth dust, Lithium has become one of the most sought after materials in the world. From the lithic to the digital, time becomes material and material becomes time.

Pattern, form, colour and texture are utilised to explore the politics of surface, time and materiality.

20°32'50.4"S 67°22'57.6"W is a psychedelic, oneiric, hypnogogic film about energy and the forming of both internal and external landscapes.

With the support of Arts Council England and Loughborough University.

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