Robert Lye: Born 1982, Wiltshire.

All imagery copywrite the artist.

MA, Royal College of Art, Sculpture 2009-2011.
BA, Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam, 2001-2004.

Solo Shows:
'Mute Outtakes', Dyehouse 451, London 2017
'From the Dorsal to the Tail' Bondhouse Projects, London 2017.
‘Early Confessions’ STORE/ASC, London 2014
'Treetops' Winter Project Space, 2013.
‘The hand you have been dealt’ Supplement Gallery, London 2008.
‘A Veil Of Asterisk’s Over The Scene’ One day solo show as a part of ‘Make /Shift’, S1 Artspace, Sheffield, 2008.

Selected Group Shows:
'A Laborious Dedication to Useless Tasks'The Debtford Project, London 2016.
'Movements One, Two and Three' (w/Hania Stella Sawicka) Bond House Gallery, London, 2016.
MOSTYN OPEN, Mostyn, Wales, 2015.
Transmètic : Ordonnance, Lewisham Arthouse, London,2015.
Open File: ‘Sounding’ Modern Art Oxford, Oxford 2014.
'FFOAM' Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, 2014.
'FFOAM'And/Or, London 2014.
''FFOAM' P/N, London, 2014.
‘Notes On An Autobiography’ ASC Gallery, London 2014.
Quantum Leap, Embassy Gallery Edinburgh & Malmö Konsthall Sweden,2013.
Outpost offsite exhibition, Kettles Yard, Cambridge, 2013.
‘May it keep the wolves in the hills and the women in our beds’ MEXICO Project Space, Leeds 2012.
'Working on the inside’, The Drawing Room, London, 2012.
‘Accidental Purpose’, Online, 2012.
‘(Screening)’ Studio One, Tannery Arts, London 2012.
‘Notes on an Autobiography’ Limoncello Gallery, 2012.
‘Casting Glances in all Direction’ Supplement Gallery, London 2012.
‘In the Detail’ Hanmi Gallery, London, 2012.
‘Young British Art 2’, (curated by Ryan Gander and Christina von Rotenhan) DIENSTGE- BÄUDE, Zurich 2012.
‘Checklist’ Mousse Magazine, 2011.
‘Screening’ SSE Space, London, 2011.
‘We Worked in Squares and Loved in Triangles’, SSE Space, London.
‘BYTS’ Stedelijk Museum’s-Hertogenbosch, Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, 2011.
‘Knowhow’, Campbell Works, London, 2011.
‘Summer Show’, Royal College of Art, London, 2011.
‘Young British Art’, (Curated by Ryan Gander), Limoncello, London, 2011.
‘Interim Show’, Royal College of Art, London, 2010.
‘The Memory Conspiracy’ Open Eye Gallery, (part of ‘The long night of the Biennale’), Liverpool Biennale, Liverpool, 2008.
‘and...and...and’ Sylvester Space, Sheffield, 2007.

Curated Projects
Benedict Drew, Human Heads, Rob Lye, Marc Matter/Tom White, Cafe Oto, London, 2017.
(Screening), Studio One, Tannery Arts, London 2012.
‘Screening’ SSE Space, London, 2012.
‘and...and...and...’ Sylvester Space, Sheffield, 2007.
‘Chris Watson and TOUCH 25’, Sheffield, 2007.

Select Performances:
Benedict Drew, Human Heads, Rob Lye, Marc Matter/Tom White, Cafe Oto, London, 2017.
Apologies in Advance, IKLEKTIC, London, 2016.
'Enter the Dragon', ICA, London, 2015.
W/Part Wild Horses Mane of Both Sides ,Tate Britain 2015.
W/Part Wild Horses Mane of Both Sides De La Warr Pavillion, 2015.
'PARK ACOUSTICS', SLG/ Cafe Gallery Projects,, 2013.
‘A Dying Artist’, ICA, 2011.
Graves Art Gallery Sheffield, 2009.
‘Calling out of Context’, London, ICA, 2009.
‘Colour Out of Space’ Brighton, 2009.?
Scala, London opening for Sonic Youth, London, 2009.
Resonance FM session, London 2009.
VPRO Radio Session and DWARS Performing Arts Festival, Amsterdam, (2008) and (2009).

Discography (Select)
‘Songs from the Husk Hair Malt,’ Chora, Winebox Press, Tape, 2011.
‘The Wax Heel’ Chora, CD 2011
‘Ruined Parabola’ Chora, Chironex, LP, 2010.
‘Split’ Chora/Quivers, Ultramarine, LP, 2010.
‘From the shape and contents of a sheeps stomach’ Chora Chocolate Monk, CD 2009.
‘Le Drapeau Noir’, ‘Le Drapeau Noir, LP, 2009.

‘Critcs Choice’ by Chris Sharp, Art Review April 2012.
‘BYTS’ Catalogue, 2011.
‘The Now Sound of Sheffield’, WIRE, By David Keenan, 2009.
‘and...and...and’ Catalogue 2008.
WIRE: On Location review March 2006.

Arts Council England Grant 2014
Arts Council England Grant 2007