'RAIN' 21st - 26th August, APT Gallery, London

The duration of the project at APT will focus on occupying the gallery space as a means to develop and expand a body of existing music. The gallery space will function as both a literal and conceptual filter. Architectural interventions, collage and video will be utilised to create an evolving backdrop for new collaborations and approaches to performance. These collaborations will continue to generate a new body of music that will eventually be collated and presented as a record, book and website. There will be an opening and performance on Saturday 25th August 2018. https://augustcollective2018.wordpress.com/rob-lye/


I have contributed a track 'Broken Meringue' to the wonderful 'Parochial Actions: a melodrama by Human Heads and friends' hear the track here : https://soundcloud.com/robert-lye/broken-meringue-remix-of-human-heads-track or buy the release here...https://spammaps.bandcamp.com/

'Open Sound' selected by Paul Purgas at Outpost Norwich Saturday 17th March 2018.

"+ 33256191341" Sound Space curated by Gael Moissonnier, April, France, 2018

Lecture and Workshop at Bartlett School of Architecture 31.11.2017
Lecture at Bath Spa University 14.11.2017
Lecture at UCA 11.12.2017

Andy Holden Members' Show 2017 Outpost, Norwich http://www.norwichoutpost.org/

'Ink' on Radio 3 as a part of a mix by the artist Ed Atkins .. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09jlcqd

Performance with Tom White and Andrea Kearney on 3.12.2017 @ Richard Wentworths Concertina installation at Arebyte Java House, 7 Botanic Square, City Island, London E14 0LG

Solo Performance at Legroom (Unit 4, Great Northern Tower) Manchester:
Presented by Psykick Dancehall & LEGROOM

Residency at OUTPOST (Norwich) throughout September 2017. "Speculative Field Recordings of the Near Future" Performance on 07.10.2017 at Gildengate House Gildengate House, Upper Green Ln, Norwich NR3 1AX.

Rob Lye 'Ink' Cassette and Download www.stairweeleditions.co.uk

(Solo Performance) at Open Windows #3 (21.7.2017) @ Greenwich Pensioner, London

(Duo Performance) Katz Mulk / White Death / Tom White & Rob Lye duo 20.6.2017@ Old Dentist, Clapton, London.

http://robertlye.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-46_Rob_Lye_flyer web.jpg